Customizable journal prompts.

A flexible mobile journaling app that helps you focus on your goals.

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Why CustomJournal?

Ask yourself the right questions each day

Focus your thinking and prime yourself with positivity and confidence with customizable prompts

Focus on what you want

Maybe its working on your fitness. Maybe its your friendships. Maybe it's practicing gratitude and staying positive. Whatever it is you can adapt your journal to help you focus on it.

Flexible journaling

The journal that grows with you. As you change, the structure of your journal changes with you. Only focus on your top priorities

Build Habits

Designed for daily reflection and review with habit-building built in. Develop habits that lead to long-term growth.


  • Make your own custom forms with custom journal prompts
  • Schedule your templates daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Easily export your journals as an image and share them with your loved ones.
  • Set a daily reminder so you don't forget to journal
  • Make it your own with your own background image
  • Simple and minimal interface
  • Easy template creation and modification drag and swipe interface
  • Built in search
  • Upload your photos
  • Mark special entries with a heart, star, etc.
  • Calendar shows marked entries. Each template shows as a colored dot.
  • Add an extra layer of protection with a screen Lock
  • Backup / restore your data, locally or to Google Drive
  • Home screen widget
  • Dark Mode theme
  • Your data is free. Export your data as plain text.
  • Your data lives on your device only.


Even those who are very successful have their down days. No matter who you are you are, regardles of where you are or what you have, you have plenty to be grateful for. Being grateful will keep you positive and walk through life with a calm piece of mind.


Keep track of the special moments that happen each day, whether big or small. Be able to look back on what you did a month ago and reflect.


Track your work each day and see that you are making progress towards your goals.

Customizable Prompts

Setup your journal exactly how you want it. Make sure you are asking yourself the right questions. Make sure you are working towards your personal goals

Multiple Journals in One

Use it for a Diary, Idea log, Grocery List, Fitness log. You name it, you can build it . There are countless number of ways to use CustomJournal. CustomJournal comes with preloaded templates for your convenience. Modify them as you wish.

What Users Are Saying

“I love the app it helps me track and develop habits I want to create. For example i created a template with a series of questions that I rate how kind, loving and considerate I was to my wife that day. I use stars to rate myself so it raises my awareness and it helps me to make adjustments. It's very practical in all aspects is life you just gotta be creative. Thanks guys for a magnificent app 👏”
“I kid you not i've been looking for an app like this for MONTHS now and today i accidentally stumbled across this one and it has everything i was looking for. i wanted a replacement for my gratitude/reflection journal but most prompted journals or journals apps don't have the prompts i wanted for my life. the app is super customisable in terms of templates, font, and colour and you make everything look really pretty (which was also an important criterion for me 😝”
“This is an AMAZING app! I'm not one of those people who like to write in a journal for a very long time and this just choses a simple template that I can fill out in under 5 minutes and actually do in one day!”

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